At the busiest moment of my life, I feel pleasure in every step I take!

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At the busiest moment of my life, I feel pleasure in every step I take!의 대표사진

Story about Student

At the busiest moment of my life, I feel pleasure in every step I take!

Aporva Gupta (Master-PhD joint course, UST-Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) School, Major in synthetic biology)

UST runs ‘Global Research Internship’ program where talented people in science and engineering field in other countries can experience research and education at R&D center at domestic research institute. This is to promote the UST’s differentiated educational system to overseas scientific talents who are interested in Korean research and education environment. This program is conducted in a government-funded research institute that suits student’s own research needs for 2 months. It is short course, but some students take that opportunity enter UST. This is the case of Aporva Gupta who join UST-KRIBB school this year. She attended Glasgow University in the UK and wanted to continue master and PhD joint course in East Asian countries. She was deeply impressed by UST Global Research Internship and decided to enter UST.

Thanks to UST global research internship

Even though she had to adjust herself to environment such a new country, new school, people whom she meets for the first time and unfamiliar environment, Gupta decided to start a new life here. It did not take long to make a decision. Two months were enough. UST tried its best to show Gupta as much as possible and Gupta had very pleasant and fruitful experience.

“At the timing of Global Research Internship, I was in the lab led by professor Ryu Byeong-tae of UST-KRIBB school for 2 months. The interest of UST shown to the new researchers motivated me and I was deeply impressed by rapidly developing Korea and people, who worked very hard. I was impressed because the diligence of Korean people was a virtue that I wanted to learn. Even after completing my internship and going back to Glasgow University in the UK, I wanted to come back to UST.”

This is the background story how Gupta became USTian. She is busy with new life, but it is also fun.

“To be honest, I am having the busiest days of my life. I have lots of things to learn and study as well as experience. But I really enjoy everything. Professors are very thoughtful and encourage students to grow. I am looking forward to the future efforts and challenges which will change me.”

Envisioning the future as a researcher and science communicator

Gupta is studying for a degree in the lab of synthetic biology led by Professor Kim Ha-seong. They are working together to develop automated, high-volume , high-efficiency analysis method for protein engineering and biological system.

“Some of my favorite papers deal with biotechnology’s dependence on big data. Inspired by this, I selected research area where both Wet Lab and Dry Lab technology are utilized. Currently, the research conducted in the lab led by Professor Kim Ha-seong covers these technologies, so I think I can expand my capabilities if I study and research hard in this lab.”

It is said that this study will advance biotechnology sector rapidly. Researchers can focus on the advancement of various areas by shortening various manual processes through the development of efficient protein.

“My project may just be a small part of a bigger picture envisioned by Professor Kim Ha-seong, but I am very happy to be part of the innovation.”

Gupta is a freshmen but has a bigger dream than anyone else. The first is to become a researcher who demonstrates competency in research projects in your field of her study. She is particularly interested in contributing to research that helps citizens of developing countries lead healthy lives. She wants to make the diagnosis and treatment of diseases easier and more accessible using modern molecular biology and gene biology technologies. In addition, she wants to be a science communicator so that more people can develop interest in biotechnology.

In addition, she wants to be a science communicator so that people can have interest in biotechnology easily.

“I want to make the most of my opportunities in Korea to achieve my goals. By actively participating in various contests, conferences, joint research, and interdisciplinary projects, I want to meet people from various backgrounds and interests. I think that through these efforts, I can continue to grow together with others.”

Gupta said ‘all UST students are provided with an opportunity to explore and challenge things under the wide and flexible education structure regardless of major and background. Her statement made us really curious about what kind of learning and experiences she will grow into and what kind of life she will make in the future.

As autumn deepens, the situation of COVID-19 is becoming more unstable. However, the learning, experiences, growth and development of Gupta continue today. We support her life at UST and hope to have another chance to talk about her development before graduation.