Wise Graduate School Life of Student Lee Jae-seong

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Wise Graduate School Life of Student Lee Jae-seong의 대표사진

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Wise Graduate School Life of Student Lee Jae-seong

Student Lee Jae-seong (PhD course, UST-Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI)) Campus, majoring in Science and Technology Management Policy)

A total of 8 awards including best paper awards (first author) by the Institute for Information & Communications Technology and Planning & Evaluation in 2018, best paper award (first author) by the Science and Technology Policy Institute in 2019, best paper award(first author) by the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training in 2020, the best paper award by the Korea Institute of Intellectual Property and ministerial award (first author) from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2020, making presentations 12 times at domestic and overseas academic conferences and publication of 8 papers in domestic and overseas journals. It is a great achievement. Of course, it is not possible to judge one’s life in graduate school only with achievements, but the achievement shows how hard a student Lee Jae-seong made an effort at graduate school. As a results of his efforts day and night, he got a job offer from one of the best accounting firms in Korea. Unfortunately, he gave up joining the firm as he would graduate this year, but it must have been very proud moment.

The ‘best teachings’ at UST

The doors to a contest are open to anyone. However, it will be difficult for everyone to paper for a contest while working and studying together. So I became more curious about student Lee Jae-seong as I were listening to his story. I thought that there was a special moment that made him decide to actively participate in many contests. He responded that professor Jeon Seung-pyo, his advisor, had a significant influence on him.

“Professor Jeon Seung-pyo considers efficiency very important. So he recommended a process that makes good use of academic conferences or contests well. If I find something with great potential among research results in academic conferences or contests, I modify and develop it further and submit it to international and domestic journals. I too every opportunity to make a preparation. I felt that I could work harder with my own sense of motivation as I prepared paper using this process.”

Student Lee was able to lead his graduate school life based on the advice from Professor Jeon Seung-pyo. He can learn not just from his advisor but also from the environment provided by the UST. The environment made students develop their own spirit of challenge and experiment. This was the best thing he could learn at UST.

“I believe that the best way to learn is ‘learning over the shoulder’. I think this type of learning made me develop the spirit of challenge and experiment and learn voluntarily. UST is the best place where people can achieve the self-directed learning the best. Because students can learn by participating in various research projects and interacting with many doctors and see how they drew their own solution and learn from them by standing next to those doctors. Students can challenge and conduct experiment to apply what they learned to research.”

AI expert with field experience and knowledge

His research field is divided into two parts. The first one is the ‘policy effect analysis’ for government officials or policy makers. This contributes to improving the effect of R&D support policy of Korea on universities, research institutes and SMEs. Through this, it is possible to explore opportunities for joint research or convergence research, recommend customized policies and come up with customized technologies promising for a certain organization.

The second part is a heterogeneous data mining technique that can preserve individual privacy and it is intended to support national data virtualization policy. It is the technique that can link and analyze two or more pieces of data that have been processed unidentifiable to protect privacy. Student Lee Jae-seong handled this technique in the paper published by him as the lead author in the Government Information Quarterly in October (SSCI top 3.9%).

“This technology has the potential to generate the tremendous ripple effect. For example, it is possible to make a customized recommendation for insurance product by analyzing card use data and insurance company data in the financial industry. In the medical industry, it is possible to develop precise medical care and health care service considering the characteristics of patients based on patient care data. I think the areas where this technology is applicable is limitless.”

He wants to develop a model that quantitatively compares R&D investment areas between countries in the future. The ultimate goal is to develop an AI model that identifies promising technologies of Korea. As it handles science and engineering policies, there are many cases where domestic and overseas major R&D areas should be compared. He said that this process involves significant difficulties. Because currently, there is no quantitative method that enables the direct comparison in terms of level of investment in R&D sector, level of diversity in R&D area and concentration as with other countries.

“That is why I want to develop the technology through AI. If it will be possible, we can differentiate stronger technology area and weaker technology area than Korea. I believe that this will be expanded to the development of AI model that identifies promising technologies for Korea.”

He wants to be an AI expert with balanced field experience and knowledge based on special experiences in working with government/public institutions through UST.

“I want to realize my full potential to provide an advanced government service to companies and the public. My life plan is to give education service I got from the UST back to the society.”

Student Lee Jae-seong is about to graduate this year. The time for a new challenge outside of school based on the results of ‘wise university life’ soon. UST supports the efforts passion and dreams of student Lee Jae-seong. I hope that student Lee Jae-seong spend useful and wise time as he has always been during the remaining period of UST life.