After I entered UST, I have grown up facing new challenges every moment

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After I entered UST, I have grown up facing new challenges every moment의 대표사진

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After I entered UST, I have grown up facing new challenges every moment

Student Kim Ye-sul (master’s course, UST- Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) Campus, majoring in Environment & Energy Mechanical Engineering)

COVID-19 has changed our daily life completely. It has been more than 1 year since the outbreak of COVID-19. Everyone faces difficult times but in particular, students may feel that they are passing through a tunnel where the end is not visible. Even in difficult times, we need to move forward step by step. Student Kim Ye-sul started her life at UST by taking master’s course last year at UST-KIMM Campus. Even though she did not start life at graduate school smoothly as she needed to adapt herself to new environment, she did her best and made remarkable achievements.

Life at UST that makes you grow more than yourself yesterday

Student Kim entered UST-KIMM Campus after graduating from her undergraduate school and joining internship program at Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM). She met with professor Kim Hak-joon, her current advisor, to hear information about UST and she wanted to further her study as the research topic at that time was interesting. It was attractive to study in the laboratory environment where she can handle various equipment.

“My professor conducted seminar on research content every week so I could learn knowledge about experiments. I felt that it was meaningful. At first, I started my internship without thinking much about entering graduate school but as time passed, I got a desire to study further. So I entered UST-KIMM Campus.”

Student Kim has participated in Korean Society for Indoor Environment and Korean Association for Particle and Aerosol Research, which are domestic societies and Indoor Air Society, which is an international society. At the Indoor Environment and Korean Association for Particle and Aerosol Research, she presented her ‘research on separable two stage electric dust collector, which is applicable to high velocity’ and won the award for best paper. The paper was published in the journal of the society.

The study was conducted to apply the electric dust collector to subways (device that applies electric field to dust so that dust can attract particles with an electrostatic force to clean the gas).

“Fine dust is a problem that should be solved as it has an adverse effect on human body. Improvement of air quality in the subway, which is mostly used transportation modes among public transportation means, is urgent task to be solved. So we are conducting a research with a thought that if we can develop 2-stage electric dust collector with sufficient particle removal efficiency, it can be applied to all stations commercially regardless of electric dust collector installation location or size.”

The paper says that if the 2-stage electric dust collector is installed in a subway air conditioner, particle removal efficiency becomes high regardless of the space inside the air conditioner. In the past, filter-type was used to improve the air quality of the subway, but the 2-stage electric dust collector can replace it and the problems such as filter replacement cost can be solved.

“Laboratory-scale research was completed and scale-up experiment that simulates the subway air conditioner environment was conducted. We found that it can be applied to actual environment. The future research direction is to study the automatic washing of electric dust collector as maintenance is required even though electric dust collector is semi-permanent.”

Student Kim pointed out that the class she took as soon as she entered UST helped a lot in conducting a research, preparing a thesis, and preparing for presentation within a short time. She took the courses ‘How to Write a Thesis’ and ‘How to Make a Presentation’ which are part of capacity building courses for new students. That courses actually helped her.

“I didn’t realize that how difficult it would be to explain my study logically to others. Thanks to the course I took about presentation technique, I could finish presentation three times at the society in a year. The course on how to write a thesis helped me in publishing my first paper in the journal significantly. Publishing my first paper in the journal was the most joyful moment of my life.”

Law of 10,000 hours, a word that boosts my confidence

Student Kim would have filled her day and night with passion and endless efforts to achieve such outcome within a year. Definitely there might be frustration along the way. When she was struggling with frustration, her professor raised her up. The professor helped student Kim remove all the negative feelings with the story of ‘law of 10,000 hours.’

“The law of 10,000 hours is that no matter what you do, you can do anything if you input 10,000 hours in that area. It means that I can achieve what I want if I try hard and I have not put enough time to reach it. It is interpreted that the current frustration is not to do with lack of my ability or lack of my qualification as a UST student. After listening to professor’s story, I could concentrate on my study, without frustration.”

Student Kim is studying environment & energy mechanical engineering. She wants to make a world where the advancement of technologies ultimately has a positive impact on mankind with her study on environment.

How happy it would be to create the world she dreams of and hopes for with the technology made by her passion an efforts. You have shown your great efforts and achievement for the past year. UST will continue to support student Kim as she moves forward to the future.