Interdisciplinary Research to Contribute to Value of Human Life

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Interdisciplinary Research to Contribute to Value of Human Life의 대표사진

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Interdisciplinary Research to Contribute to Value of Human Life

Mojiz Abbas Trimzi (Doctorate course, UST-Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) Campus, majoring in Plant System & Machinery)

COVID-19 changed a number of aspects of the world. As people now find it uneasy to see faces without a covering, research institutes that advocated convergence were forced to build a barrier of quarantine. With his dream for convergence research, Mojiz Abbas Trimzi began his campus life at UST-KIMM in March 2015. He now tells us about his life outside the campus.

Engineering student from Pakistan

In his country Pakistan, Mojiz majored in chemical engineering. With his thirst for studying, he wanted to try some diverse research activities in a wider world. He had a chance to study with full scholarship at a graduate school in several countries including Saudi Arabia and Japan, and a word from his friend in the same region shook his heart.

“A friend of mine who was studying at UST-Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) campus strongly recommended UST. I was attracted to the R&D system of the Korean governmen-funded research institutes and the UST curricula. So I joined the plant system & machinery major at UST-Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM).”

The benefits of UST are that students can personally participate in research and learn a lot in the field. During the interview, Mojiz also thanked Professor Ham Yeong-bok, his academic advisor and research mentor, for helping him achieve significant research outcome.

Needless syringe, the fruit of convergence research

Mojiz, who studied chemical engineering, has great interest in convergence research. His doctoral dissertation topic “needless syringe” shows his interest. This syringe research starts from high-pressurization of liquid drugs. To control injection when using a high-pressure pump, piezoelectric actuator that responds at a high speed to electronic signals is required. Piezoelectric actuator is capable of precisely controlling the amount of liquid to be jetted. The needless syringe is the outcome of convergence of various science and technology disciplines including machinery, electricity, electronics, bioscience, and medicine.

“Worldwide, about 16 billion disposable syringes are used annually. Due to the risks of injury, cross-contamination, and reuse, needles entail a number of problems including spread of diseases, misuse, increased cost of production, handling and disposal, and needle phobia. You can reduce such risks by removing needles, and that is where I started my research.”

It was a good idea, and the needless syringe was an attractice item, but research was never easy. Although Mojiz majored in chemical engineering, he had to start from scratch to study various academic areas to complete a needless syringe as the result of convergence research. However, once he chose the research topic, ideas kept coming like oil from the freshly drilled oilfield. Mojiz devised various mechanisms, sketched the ideas and successfully realized a needless syringe. At the end of the interview, he said “the greatest pleasure of this research was that I made the material form of the mechanisms I came up with.”

Mojiz found his other half and got married in Pakistan in 2020 and came back to Korea with her despite the threat of COVID-19. Now that he desperately feels the need of vaccines, he is working hard to create an easier, cheaper and safer injection process for both humans and animals. He says that his final goal and dream is to return to his country and become a professor to teach the importance of research culture and technology development to the young talents in Pakistan.

“To me, knowledge itself is the immortal elixir, and my hard-earned experience a sorcerer’s stone.”

We hope his belief in knowledge and relentless research spirit will soon bear fruits and make great contribution to human life.