Power of UST, Growing My Life

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A Conversation with Alumni

Power of UST, Growing My Life

Alumnus Amol Hindurao Jaikar (PhD Program at UST-Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) Campus, Science Technology and Information Major, Graduated in 2017, Currently Production Manager at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York)

After getting his master’s degree in India, Amol Hindurao Jaikar worked at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) as a researcher. Experiencing Korean culture at ETRI made him want more time in Korea and he was determined to study for his doctorate program in Korea. He was searching for the right school when he discovered UST which was right in front of ETRI, where he worked.

“I visited UST in person to learn more about it. The staff welcomed me and gave me a detailed explanation on the degree programs and school culture. UST’s educational culture, which revolves around collaboration between the school and research institutes, was so new and interesting to me. So at the very moment, I decided to start my doctorate program at UST.”

Learning the Lessons of Research and Life in UST

When Jaikar was looking for the research area for his PhD program, cloud computing was one of the most popular subjects in the industry. When he decided to go with cloud computing, he learned about KISTI. KISTI’s supercomputer boasts outstanding performance that is even ranked in the world’s best 500 supercomputers, needless to say that the school was well equipped with resources for the research. KISTI was the most ideal research institute as well as a school for his doctorate program.

Since I already figured out what school and campus I wanted to go to, I had to find an academic advisor specifically for my research subject. UST’s website offers a lot of information on professors at each campus and school in such a detailed manner that it was extremely helpful. That’s how I got to know about Professor Roh Seo-young.

Jaikar was eager about the idea of working with Professor Roh Seo-young and he immediately took action by reaching out to him. He shared his research topic with him. Professor Roh promptly gave him feedback on the possibility of his research idea.

His UST life had begun this way. He was mesmerized with joy and sense of accomplishment as a student at UST.

“The memories still come back to me at times. We used to go to a beach resort during the summer semester. UST always prepared exciting games that were both fun and cultural. I think that was one of the fondest moments I’ve had at UST.”

Experience at UST planted a completely different value in him. He learned to cooperate with those who are from different backgrounds and cultures and learn to easily find solutions to solve the problems through creative thinking. UST’s environment encourages students to think about how to practically solve the issue, which enabled him to discover answers in his research. It was immensely helpful in earning practical experience.

“The majority of the lessons I’ve learned for my research and life, I can assure you, come from my time at UST.”

My Dream: Start-up Business Offering Technology to Make People’s Lives Better

He joined the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York last year as a production manager. It is a research laboratory specializing in nuclear and high energy physics study of the U.S. Department of Energy Research Institute, which consists of several specialized research institutes dealing with various topics such as biology, chemistry, and computer science. Relative Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) facilities are located here on 5,300 acres. RHIC is one of two existing types of heavy ion colliders, which have the ability to collide two polar protons. Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC (STAR) is one of the experiments ongoing at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. It’s expected to help us understand what happened in the universe right after the Big Bang.

So far, this study has accumulated several petabytes of data. This data is unprocessed, completely in a raw form, which is challenging for scientists to analyze. Therefore, this raw data has to be filtered and transformed into general data that can be used for analysis. For this process, STAR collaborators have developed several versions of the library. It is Jaikar’s job to maintain a system that keeps this library stable.

As a production manager, I am responsible for not only managing all the libraries, but also converting the raw data into regular data. I am also managing the data set after conversion. I've developed a number of frameworks such as software or websites that transform all datasets and manage them with proper libraries.

The connection between Jaikar and the STAR project began with KISTI. When he was working at KISTI, he was maintaining a cluster of a 1024 core computer for the STAR project. Through this collaboration, he was able to learn a lot about the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the STAR project. And after graduating from UST, he found a position at the Brookhaven National Laboratory that fits his research field.

Jaikar has seen a lot of growth in himself for 10 years in Korea as a researcher at ETRI, PhD student at UST-KISTI Campus and the postdoctoral researcher at Seogang University. His experience has been the led him to start a new life in America. His goal is to create a startup company with technology that makes people’s lives more comfortable. Also, he wants to be a great CEO, husband, son and father. Jaikar takes no breaks in pursuing his dream. UST will always support him and remain as a happy memory for him to come back to.