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What It Means to Help Someone - Lee Kyung-hwa, Executive Director, Remember, We’re Rooting for You - Min Se-hong, Manager

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What It Means to Help Someone  - Lee Kyung-hwa, Executive Director,  Remember, We’re Rooting for You  - Min Se-hong, Manager의 대표사진

UST News

What It Means to Help Someone

Lee Kyung-hwa, Executive Director (Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) School, UST)

We encounter people who are willing to help us to grow in our lives. Among them, there are people behind the scenes, who dedicate themselves to helping individuals. The educational management staff at each school and campus of UST deserve the spotlight in that sense. We interviewed Lee Kyung-hwa, the executive director of KIST School, UST. This interview taught us that the growth of all UST students, faculty, alumni, schools and campuses has been made possible with the genuine commitment of the educational management staff.

Aspiring for KIST School, UST to Contribute to Fostering Innovative Global Leaders

Director Lee has been part of KIST for 23 years now. It was four years ago that she became an executive director at KIST School, UST. She takes charge in the entire educational management of an international graduate school. Though her job is far from easy, she finds it fulfilling because the nature of her work is rewarding.

“What we do here is help someone grow. In that regard, I experience something extraordinary at my job. In particular, I recall when we hosted a Vietnam and Indonesia alumni event and symposium. People I remembered as students all turned into playing a leading role in their country, as a professor, researcher, etc. I felt so rewarded.”

KIST School, UST’s main focus of work is attracting students and managing their alumni program. It provides a KIST lab tour in its school information session to attract more Korean students. Since it was reborn with KIST School, UST in 2017, it has been running an “Overseas National Recommendation Scholarship Program” to bring in more international students from cooperating countries. In less than two years, it has shown remarkable accomplishment. This program also brought in a lot of Eastern European students as the school wished.

“We have the ‘Alumni Partnership Program’ run independently by KIST. We take applicants from researchers working in schools or national organizations and fund those who are selected. The goal of this program is to support our alumni to settle and grow faster as a researcher in their home country and simultaneously to stay connected with them. It serves as a cornerstone of cooperative network between nations and organizations. It was launched in 2012, and as brilliant as the planning was, we’re seeing results with solid pro-Korean network.”

KIST School, UST office is planning a variety of programs that are unique to KIST with the momentum of introducing the UST school certification system. It’s meant to best carry out KIST and UST’s duty assigned by the nation, “Cultivating engineering professionals who will lead the future change and supplying them to society.” It’s a driving force for personal help and national development. We’re looking forward to the day when KIST School, UST has established itself to be the graduate school that everyone knows, a place where everyone wants to be educated.

Message for UST from Encouraging Supporters

As UST and KIST have established a strong partnership, we look forward to growing more together. KIST is a comprehensive research institute that emphasizes convergence research. We’re living in an age where we need more talented people capable of convergent thinking. It’s my sincere hope that KIST School, UST can contribute to this.


UST News 2

Remember, We’re Rooting for You

Min Se-hong, Manager (Educational Management Team at UST-Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) School)

While conversing in the beautiful fall weather with Min Se-hong, the leader of the educational management operation team at KRIBB, one thought took over me: “I hope UST-KRIBB School students feel the genuine support of those who care about them.” Pay attention to this story, you will feel the heart of enthusiastic members of each UST school and campus.

Discovering the True Identity of UST-KRIBB School

UST-KRIBB campus transformed into a school in 2017. In the course of this change, it stabilized and strengthened the school's operation system. In particular, it focused on designing and running a program in which students can feel proud and find a sense of belonging. It was based on the idea that effort in making UST-KRIBB’s unique identity is essential in reinforcing its prestige.

This idea gave birth to many communicative programs, namely, introducing and expanding the student welfare and reward system, developing customized education programs besides major classes (career support for brain coaching and English thesis writing class), strengthening communication channels (operating student counseling system, forming student unions and establishing an online community), degree conferment ceremony and student networking events (student-professor cherry blossom walk event, culture day, fall sports competition, meeting, graduation thesis presentation, etc.)

“There was only one thing we cared about in planning and operating the programs. We wanted them to feel how much we respect them, love them, and think about them. We hoped that what is between our team and students is not simplified as a working relationship but connects us all on an emotional level. I don’t treat what’s happening here as purely a work. I always think about this way, ‘if my own children are going through something difficult, and finally achieve it, what would I want them to feel?’”

Graduation ceremony is the highlight of UST-KRIBB school’s care for student. From performance to help them wash away all the stress from their hard work to a sincere celebration message from those who have been working together with graduates, it presents unique programs that can’t be seen elsewhere.

“I think this is what our team is for. UST-KRIBB will make strenuous effort to foster people in the field of bio who will lead the future. The relentless process of building an educational management system might seem brutal to students. Therefore, our team is here in the middle to take care of it on an emotional level, and to understand and support the students better by continuous communication.”

UST-KRIBB School will continue its effort to attract talented students, which includes a KRIBB School’s independent recruiting process and a school information session since it became a “School.” Next year, KRIBB is taking on the program to recruit more outstanding international students. We look forward to seeing how these programs will shape UST-KRIBB School’s unique identity.

Message for UST from Encouraging Supporters

I hope that students educated in UST-KRIBB School grow to be the distinguished researchers whose fame reaches every corner of the world. As proud as KRIBB would be, these successful researchers will be beneficial to the growth of UST. I’ll take utmost responsibility in planning and operating the UST-KRIBB School’s programs.