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    Institut Pasteur Korea


    Institut Pasteur Korea is a not-for-profit private organization based in the Pangyo Technovalley in Gyeonggi Province. It was established in 2004 through an agreement between the Institut Pasteur and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) with financial support from the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and from Gyeonggi Province. The strategic focus of the institute is in the area of infectious disease research, considering such ailments as Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis B & C (HBV, HCV), Influenza and Leishimaniasis. The institure utilizes its proprietary technology platforms built on a unique integration of IT, BT, and chemistry to identify novel molecular targets and discover small molecules. Especially, Institut Pasteur Korea leverages Korea’s IT infrastructure to develop innovative imaging technologies for high throughput drug screening. The technology platforms, combined with international human resources and strong partnerships, have enabled us to successfully develop the first-in-class TB drug candidate and an HCV lead compound with a novel mechanism of action. The Institut Pasteur Korea is a key driver of early drug discovery within the 32 member Institut Pasteur International Network located in 28 nations on 5 continents and there are over 20,000 Pasteurians worldwide. Multi-national researchers of the Institut Pasteur Korea from France, Germany, US, Russia, etc. are striving every day to excel in research and to fight against infectious diseases for their loved ones and all humankind. The door to sharinge the Pasteurian spirit is always wide open for you!