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Division of Bio-Medical Science & Technology

Host School/Campus
KIST School
Participating Schools/Campus
Institut Pasteur Korea

Bio-Medical Converging Major is a multi disciplinary field which consists of 3 sub majors including Biological Chemistry, Medical Engineering and Neuroscience. Biological Chemistry focuses on new drug discovery based on understanding life phenomena using integrated approach of biology and chemistry while Biomedical Engineering engages on development of new biotechnology that can be applied for medical treatment and diagnosis on the basis of Engineering, Medicine and Biology. Neuroscience studies mechanisms underlying human cognition and brain disorders to find new treatment drug or technology. Bio-Medical provides World Class atmosphere and opportunity for cutting edge research on Biotechnology and Medicine.

세부 전공명, 전공내용으로 구분하여 안내합니다.
세부 전공명 전공내용
Biomedical Engineering Biomedical engineering (BME) integrates traditional engineering, biology, and medicine. While combining engineering and biological approaches, BME explores an interdisciplinary, innovative solutions to incurable diseases and body impairment in medical field
Neuroscience Neuroscience is a most interdisciplinary study to understand neural mechanisms underlying human behaviors with molecular, genetic, physiological and behavioral approaches, which also aims to find better treatments for brain disorders.
Biological Chemistry The department is dedicated to obtaining a world-class reputation as an outstanding department of biological chemistry on the basis of its rigorous curriculum and the quality of it is research; the department and consists of more than 23 distinguished professors carrying out ting-edge research and 42 excellent graduate students.
  • Division of Bio-Medical Science & Technology 2nd Semester, 2017 ~
  • Bio-Med 1st Semester, 2017 ~ 1st Semester, 2017
  • Neuroscience 1st Semester, 2006 ~ 2nd Semester, 2016
  • Biological Chemistry 1st Semester, 2013 ~ 2nd Semester, 2016
  • Biomedical Engineering 2nd Semester, 2012 ~ 2nd Semester, 2016